E-VLR Staking
Contract for staking E-VLR tokens in return for a revenue rewards
Enterprises within the VLR ecosystem each have unique BEP-20. An updated list of deployed E-VLR contracts and their associated staking contracts can be found in business incubation.
Through unique staking contracts, E-VLR token holders have the opportunity to share in the growth of businesses within our ecosystem. Users stake their E-VLR tokens and receive a proportionate amount of the same token on distribution dates. These distributions occur in a similar manner to VLR staking, but unique staking contracts allow users to show support directly to a single business with potentially for greater reward.

Enterprise Rewards

Staking functions are almost identical to the VLR staking protocol, but utilize a single token for staking inputs and reward outputs. While the VLR staking protocol might include any of the E-VLR tokens in their basket of rewards, these staking pools offer greater rewards for a more direct commitment.
At present, reward distribution terms have been negotiated by Valer Studios and the initial group of enterprise participants. As our community grows, a DAO infrastructure will define these terms.

Entry/ Exit Fees

Unlike VLR staking fees, each individual enterprise has the ability to choose fee levels within their unique staking contracts. These fees are paid upon both entry and exit. They include:
  • Staking fees which are distributed upon exit
  • Charity fee is sent to an address who's funds are distributed according to the wishes of a DAO
  • Burn fee helps create a deflationary environment for E-VLR tokens