Business Incubation

The VLR business incubation process was designed by Valer Studios to build a global base of support for emerging businesses. While decision-making about businesses included in the ecosystem is currently done through the oversight of Valer Studios leadership, the long-term vision is for VLR token holders to hold the power to accept new enterprises into the incubation process.

Direct mentorship and guidance are given to enterprises upon acceptance into the incubator. A unique BEP-20 token is also deployed (enterprise tokens are broadly referred to as E-VLRs) and added to liquidity pools for purchase. Holders of the tokens are given unique incentives such as discounted rates, access to special products, and non-corporate governance voting rights. VLR staking contracts, however, offer token holders with a unique opportunity to benefit from the enterprises' growth, receiving a portion of revenues through rewards distributions.

Ideal candidates for our incubation process share common social values, exhibit exemplary commitment to their work, and offer value added through innovation. The partnership between our token holders and business leaders creates a new paradigm for engagement between producers, consumers, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Incubator Participants

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